With each episode of the show, Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now turning piping hot in the terms of drama. In the previous episode, we watched Dhami also trying to come between Aarav and Simar. However, Simar is not letting her come between them. However, on the other side, Badi Maa and others praise Simar by saying that finally the bad time has ended and the family has met with happiness again. Well, here is the latest episode’s written update.

Sasural Simar ka 2 Today’s Episode 26th April 2022 Aarav has gone made in love with Simar

So, the latest episode of the show begins with, Aarav and Simar talking when he asks her to come with him, Simar smiles while he lifts her up and takes her with himself. On the other side Dhami (Aarav’s lover) talks to Aarav’s photo. While Aarav teases his wife. Simar looks at him and then they make eye contact. Simar gets shy and then turns around, while he pulls her back and whispers in her ears that he is so lucky to have her in his life and he is so blessed to have her as his wife. Aarav adores her and then compares her with fairies and other beautiful creatures of God. He then does a Shayari for her.

On the other side, Dhami is kissing Aarav’s picture and says that she loves him too much and does not care if anyone is being loved by him but only she cares about is, Aarav, and one day she will get his man back. She again kisses his photo and says “I Love You, Aarav”. However, Aarav Oswal and his wife both are about to come closer and the scene is now getting intense. Aarav again in Simar’s ears whispers “I love you, Simar”. Simar smiles, he then first kisses her hands and then holds her face.

While Aarav is about to lock his lips with Simar. Reema, Vivaan, and Aditi step inside. Everyone blushes and they turn around saying “Bhai we did not see anything”. Aarav does not care about them and did not leave her hand. Vivaan then says that Bhai has gone mad in love. They all laugh. Aarav says that he will do anything for showing his love and let the world know about his love for his wife. He then screams I Love you Simar I love you, my wife. Simar then blushes and signs him to stop shouting before anyone in the family wakes up. Vivaan then says that they should go for now. The episode ends here, follow us for more updates.