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the last of us video game

the last of us video game

Who is Kathleen in The Last of Us game? Here’s why the new character was added to the showThe Last of Us has introduced Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) to the show.

Who is she and what did she do in the game though?Ever since The Last of Us debuted on HBO, viewers have praised the series for its loyalty to the game it’s based on.

In some cases, the show recreates exact frames from the game. Nevertheless, there have been some notable changes.

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For example, Tess’ death plays out differently in the series and episode 3 gives Bill and Frank an edited and more in-depth backstory.

The Last of Us episode 4 changes things up even more by introducing a brand new character to the franchise: Kathleen.

Kathleen is the first character in The Last of Us who doesn’t appear in the games at all. At this stage in the game, Joel and Ellie are ambushed by a group of rebels in Pittsburgh.

In the series, they come across a group of rebels in Kansas City. Unlike the game, this group of rebels have a leader.

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kathleen the last of us reddit

Her name is Kathleen and she is played by Melanie Lynskey. Joel and Ellie first run into one of Kathleen’s soldiers. To protect themselves, they kill him. However, learning that one of her soldiers has been killed, Kathleen decides to hunt out who’s responsible.

Luckily for Joel and Ellie, she is convinced that a mysterious man named Henry is behind the killing. How long that will last, however, is unclear.

We also see Kathleen shoot a FEDRA doctor dead for failing to reveal Henry’s whereabouts to her.

The episode ends with Kathleen ordering her soldiers to find and kill Henry and anyone working with him. In other words, it looks as though Joel and Ellie will have to face off with Kathleen imminently.

the last of us video game