The Power Of Video Content On Social Media

The Power Of Video Content On Social Media. Using videos on social media is not the future of content marketing strategies: it is the present. But if you haven’t noticed this subtle—albeit significant—change in your consumer behaviour, or if you’re still not sure why investing in audiovisual content is a good move, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for.

The Power Of Video Content On Social Media

The internet has made it possible for us to know more deeply the preferences and habits of our audience. The use of videos as a way to generate more authority and engagement with the brand, among other benefits, is simply the result of observing the needs of the modern consumer.

Here are some of the reasons why videos are the new reality of content for social media:

1. Videos on social media generate more engagement

Social media has brought the public closer to their favorite brands in such a way that, today, it is a significant part of content production. And most importantly, we know it. One of the ways to ensure people’s active participation in this relationship is through engagement. The more consumers can interact with your brand, the more they will feel loved by it.

In that sense, videos have the potential to be much more personal than any other format. After all, it’s the closest we can get to “eye to eye”, right? In addition, they are extremely dynamic. Using the creativity and knowledge you have of your personas, this is a sure-fire strategy to optimize audience interaction.

It is no surprise that video content creation is gaining more and more prominence and space on social networks . The trends of 2022 would favor videos, even more influenced by the  popularity of TikTok, companies such as Meta found themselves obliged to update themselves to a new demand and reform their algorithm to favor the delivery of posts of the genre.

2. Improve SEO scores

By improving engagement, you automatically improve your search engine rankings. This reason is particularly relevant if we consider that 91% of  American internet users consume videos online.

Therefore, knowing how to use SEO strategies in your favor — such as the proper use of keywords and the choice of topics relevant to your audience —, the use of videos on social media will certainly contribute a lot to highlight your brand in the market.

3. Bring authority to the brand

Ask an expert to record a video to share their knowledge about a particular area of ​​activity and you will have one of the greatest treasures that digital marketing can provide a brand: authority.

By transmitting authority through the content, you assure the public that your products and services are offered by those who really understand the subject. Is there a better way to earn a consumer’s trust ?

They’ll also feel more comfortable sharing your videos if they’re confident you’re spreading information credibly, further optimizing engagement.

4. Make your content more didactic

Often, using videos on social media is a good alternative for when you want to be educational but don’t have a lot of space. On Twitter, for example, it’s easy to get around the 140-character limit with audiovisual content. On Instagram, videos are also a great option, since it is a mostly visual network.

On blogs and Facebook, they can also be effective alternatives when you want to address a lot of issues without, however, running the risk of ending up with boring or overly extensive content.

5. Contribute to content diversity

The video format is also extremely versatile, meeting the most diverse needs of both the public and your brand. It can be informative, it can be comical, it can tell a story, it can show you step by step, in short, be creative!

Embedding videos on social media did not become a content marketing trend by accident. As our consumers evolve, strategies must evolve with them, so that we are always aware of their needs!

Fortunately, for those who want to create video content without major difficulties, you can count on any Video Maker which comes with ready-made templates and have the cloud facilitating the entire process of creating and editing videos. 

Final considerations

Regardless of the platform your brand will use, there are always ways to help it stay ahead of the competition. So, follow these tips to stand out on social media platforms:

  1. Don’t sell hard: Avoid forcing users to buy your product or service directly. Give them informative and valuable content.
  2. Tell Stories: Make viewers feel something about a story you are telling through the video. This helps them remember your message and brand.
  3. Leave the best for first: Start strong by posting the best video content you have. This will make you capture viewers’ attention faster.
  4. Include a CTA: Never keep your viewers waiting for something. Always include a CTA to indicate what the next step is.


Overall, the videos can play a vital role in social media. The way video market is growing on social media is quite amazing. Facebook and Instagrm both have “Reels” option in which advertisers are able to create a connect with their audience. Social media became the base of internet marketing and videos are the only important things nowadays to reach the market.