Belle Delphine is one of the prominent social media creators who always in trends or headlines due to her bold content. The 21 years old is no stranger making buzz in the public domain. She went viral on the Internet when after selling her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’.

Mary-Belle Kirchner knows as Belle Delphine was born in 23rd October 1999 in South Africa. She started her career as a model on Instagram and making makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. In 2019, Belle saw an astronomical boost in popularity in 2019. Its number of followers increased from 8,50,000 in November 2018 to 4.2 million in July 2019. Since then she lives in Criticism about her content.

Top 5 Times Belle Delphine Trends On Reddit, Twitter, Instagram
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In this article, we will discuss the top 5 times when internet personality Belle Delphine broke the internet.

Top 5 Times Belle Delphine Trends On Reddit, Twitter, Instagram

  1. GamerGirl Bath Water

Belle Delphine is one of the first people who sell their bathwater online. In an interview, she said, ” A several people have a comment on my photos that they wanna drink my bathwater. Then, I was thinking of an idea one day, What if I sold my bathwater”.

She launched her Bathwater on her online storefront, Gamergirl Bath Water is exactly the same which is stated on the box, water that comes from Belle Delphin’s bath is packaged and sold for $ 30.

The BathWater made a record and sold her all product on stock within just three days. Although, while selling the Bathwater, the streamer put up the disclaimer that, “This is not for drinking water and it should only be used for sentimental purposes,” the fans were not swept away and it was Was informed to drink.

2. Belle Delphine Christmas Video

The 21 years old YouTuber and streamer has been in the news when she announced, the release date of her first bold video on Christmas on Onlyfans account. But her video got leaked on social media.

Belle Delphin is also rumoured to have a huge amount of money to come home, courtesy of her upcoming OnlyFans video, which she disclosed in Logan Paul during an appearance on the Impulsive Podcast.

3. Adult content earnings reveal

In an interview with popular creator Logan Paul, Belle Delphine unveils her income from different platforms and stream. Belle Delphine revealing her earnings from a special subscription-based bold content website.

Stating that her content is available at $ 35 per month, she further reported that her earnings are $ 1 million every month on the platform.

4. KSI announcement

Belle Delphine also sparked rumours that she would be ready to make a bold video with KSI. After a cryptic revelation on Twitter repeatedly, fans were left scratching their heads as to what to expect.

5. Kidnapping photoshoot controversy

Mid of January 2021, Belle Delphine publish bold photos of herself in the character of kidnapping victim that surprise the online community. Peoples are criticized for comprising trigger warning, the Cape Town native defended her stand by a short statement on her official Twitter handle.

“As for people saying I should have used a trigger warning, my whole Twitter/OnlyFans have constant themes of kink since I do p**n as a job, and I will not put a trigger warning on all my posts. Do not follow me if you think trigger warnings before posts.”