Vicky Jain Pulls Ankita’s Leg. The popular reality show ‘Smart Jodi’ has been in the news among fans and viewers ever since it premiered on Star Plus. The show is inspired by the Telugu show on Star Maa titled “Ishmart Jodi”.

It features 10 celebrity couples going through interesting tasks and challenges, and games. Undoubtedly, the couples are gaining a lot of attention from the netizens as the viewers are enjoying their unheard stories and the fun they all get involved in. Let us check what will happen in today’s episode of the show in this article.

Vicky Jain Pulls Ankita’s Leg:

In the upcoming episode of the show, the couples will have a “Honeymoon Special”. In this task, the participants will reminisce about special moments after their marriage. Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande who are one of the celebrity couples on the show will be seen sharing hilarious moments from when they were on their honeymoon. Host Maniesh Paul will ask the coupe if they have ever lied to each other to which Vicky replied, “Yes!”. Needless to say, Vicky’s reply shocked Ankita who gave him a strange look. Later, Vicky Jain says that he is saying this to make sure Ankita realizes how it feels when she lies to him.

Upon hearing this, Ankita gets even more shocked. Meanwhile, the audience roars with laughter. Ankita looks at Vicky and tells him that he is not that kind of girl. Both Vicky and Manish laugh out louder after hearing that. In the next sequence, Manish questioned Vicky if he ever felt jealous of Ankita’s male friends. Without wasting a moment, Vicky said “Yes, of course, all of them.” Everyone got stunned and burst into laughter afterward. Ankita also revealed how Vicky used to be surrounded by a lot of girls but ever since they met, he has been madly in love with her.

Talking about their Suhag Raat, Ankita revealed that nothing happened between them as Vicky fell asleep. In the episode further, a Suhaag Raat sequence will be played out on stage between the two of them. The couple will be seen getting romantic with each other. It is no doubt to state that the upcoming episode of Smart Jodi is going to be no less than an entertaining ride filled with fun and happiness. Many secrets will be revealed while the couple will be seen having fun in the given challenges. Watch the show on Star Plus and follow us for updates.