Woombye Accident: Victim Of Double-Fatal Crash Identified As Lleyton Bartlett: News has come out on the internet that two youngsters have died in a car accident. Their names were Lleyton Bartlett, 22, and Aaron Pitt, 25. The young men were killed while repairing a broken-down bus on the side of a Queensland road.

The incident shocked many people. Passers-by called the ambulance to save them and now they are in the hospital where doctors declared them dead right after shortly. In this article, we gonna discuss how the two young men died and who was the main mistake. Without delaying any further minute, let’s get started.

Woombye Accident

The two youngsters were repairing the bus and they stop the bus at the corner of the street so that oncoming cars pass easily and they did not face any difficulty while passing it. His girlfriend described Bartlett as an amazing person. He was nice, good looking and many will appreciate his work. Bartlett and his girlfriend were in a relationship for a very long time.

The two were sooner get married in the upcoming days but his accident took place. His girlfriend has broken her heart and crying all the time. She says, my life partner has gone and he will never come back. My life is half empty without him. The enjoyment, the one who away my fears, the one who supports me from the last time has gone. Now I don’t meet someone like him. We are very sad after hearing about her passing news.

According to the Queensland Police on Friday revealed that the young men who worked for the same company as the bus that had broken down had been dispatched to repair it. When he was working with the bus company, he never complained to anybody. He is dedicated to his work and fully focused on it while working.

What exactly happened in Woombye Accident?

Something about 3:30 p.m, a white BMW was at speed and the driver didn’t get enough time to stop the car and the driver crashed into them. The two youngsters have died during the accident and the BMW driver got minor injuries. Acting Sergeant Peter Cowan told the reporters that investigations were ongoing. And they are finding the BMW driver. It was not known where the driver was gone. Cops are searching for him all the time. If any updates will come then we definitely inform you.