VIDEO: Black Chully Tiktoker Video Viral & Leaked On Social Media, Who Is Black Chilly? Real Name & Instagram!

Black Chully Tiktoker Video Viral & Leaked On Social Media, Who Is Black Chilly? Real Name & Instagram: Black Chully is a Nigerian comedian who has recently gained attention thanks to a viral video on the internet. The young Nigerian TikToker, who is in her early twenties, has received a significant response as a result of the video that was recently posted. The video is actually a s*x tape obtained from an unknown source. The video has received a lot of views so far and is being widely shared on the internet. Allows us to learn more about what transpired and what exactly occurred when the video was made public.

Black Chully Tiktoker Video

Chully is now facing blowback from her community, with many individuals sending her blackmailing films and threats in response to her video. If anything goes viral on the internet, the main source cannot be identified. After the video became viral on the internet, the creator was overcome with despair and couldn’t hold back her tears as she recorded a video of herself detailing how she gets threatened every day. Chully sobbed in a video about how she was feeling at the time. She stated that she was unaware of how the films became viral on the internet.

Who Is Black Chilly Tiktok?

The username that shared the initial video was Blackchull3, which surprised many people because they assumed it was her. The video was initially uploaded on TikTok, but it quickly gathered traction as others shared it on other platforms. The video was subsequently shared on Twitter, where the chaos was unleashed. Only a few hours after the video was uploaded to the internet, it went popular on other social media sites. The video has also been posted on Reddit, as well as other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

While the influencer has maintained that she has no idea how the video was leaked, many individuals have blamed her for the leak and have threatened her. It could be great for her to handle as many backlash messages were trending on the internet. If she discloses the truth, she may face further wrath in real life. Many films become viral on the internet, but when it comes to someone’s private movies, especially when they are uploaded without the owner’s permission, the video may be a detriment to many and a trauma for young girls like Chully.