WATCH: Is Big Zulu And Bonang Dating? Viral Video Rumours Debunked: Celebrities sometimes get caught in rumors due to their fans as this has been the affection that made them pass sudden claims without getting involved in any of the investigations. But due to these rumors celebrities have to face many different reactions from their admirers which even affects their personal life too. In this article, there is two most profound personality that has become a part of it. Big Zulu And Bonang are sparking in the dark dating rumors. Well, it is still not confirmed whether it’s a rumor or truth.

WATCH: Is Big Zulu And Bonang Dating? Viral Video Rumours Debunked

Is Big Zulu And Bonang Dating?

Big Zulu a legendary rapper, beloved music artist for the massive fan base, is in the lucky month as there is a piece of news or claims about him that he might have been dating the biggest personality Bonnag. And this made him admire to react on this as now they are taking over to the social media and that they are posting it on their storied but it isn’t confirmed yet.

Big Zulu And Bonang Dating Rumours Explored

You have read to right that Big Zulu And Bonang Spark Dating Rumours. Fna is feeling and keen to grab the detail whether it is true or not. A known personality has been shared an Instagram story from which this has become a rumor about another person that they might have been dating each other. So one of their fans reshared the story on her Twitter account which has become a rumor now.

Big Zulu And Bonang Viral Video Explained

In the viral video of Bonang and Big Zulu, we will be going to be seen that both the celebrities are holding each other’s hand and they seem to be blushing when he is saying something to her. Fans are so obsessed with this video of both, and they are keen to know more about their dating. How mesmerizing is this for their fans that they are dating each other? The social media set another blaze among fans after there is a video of them hiding each other’s hands, the admires are si excited for their pairing. As we can see in a video that they are talking to each other so the fans are curious to know what they are speaking about to each other.

Fans are giving their reactions to the viral video of Bonang and Big Zulu.