The discharge of a Kawana Jenkins Video, a previous Fulton Province detainment officer, has caused a major mix on social media. Within the video, Jenkins can be seen locks in in sexually express acts with an prisoner, which was captured on a booty cellphone that was seized amid a schedule squeeze.

The occurrence has raised concerns almost the security conventions in put for detainment officers working with prisoners, as well as the predominance of booty things in correctional facilites.

Jenkins has since been captured and charged with different checks, counting dishonorable sexual contact, infringement of pledge, and remorselessness to detainees. This case highlights the require for more noteworthy responsibility and oversight in remedial offices to avoid such incidents from happening within the future.

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Kawanna jenkins video:

A outrage has ejected including Kawana Jenkins, a detainment officer in Fulton District, due to the spilling of a full video of her with an detainee on social media stages like TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Wire.

The revelation has caused very a blend among fans and faultfinders of Jenkins, who are concerned almost the security conventions for those working with detainees. Jenkins has been charged with disgraceful sexual contact by worker or specialist, infringement of vow by a open officer, rash conduct, brutality to detainees, and obtain/procure/give prisoner denied thing without authorization.

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