As per the recent report, very shocking news is coming up where the minister of state for Karamoja affairs is facing any issue related to her health and it is being said that she was suffering from a very serious health-related problem and she is suffering from blood clotting after she fell on the floor of her bathroom this particular news came up on Thursday which was 28 April 2022 and current she is hospitalized and doctors are taking care of her. However, she accidentally fell from her bathroom. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Everyone is concerned about her health and the incident related to blood clotting and now everyone is wishing her she can recover fast and will be fine soon. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

What Happened To Agnes Nandutu? Minister Nandutu Hospitalized, Dead Or Still Alive, Health Condition Update!

What Happened To Agnes Nandutu?

Nandu is also considered a Buddha woman. Pipal came to know about her situation when her friend minister shared this information on their WhatsApp group and then everyone got to know about her health and they are sending warm wishes to her. She is a very beautiful soul and a kind-hearted woman and she always wanted to help people around her as per the information so a few days back she has also done work for the building of peace community in Karamoja. This was a very sudden miss happening which took place in her bathroom when she fall on the floor but she is currently having all the treatments which are required for her.

Why Was Agnes Nandutu Hospitalized?

However, there is no serious matter and she will be fine soon but blood clothes are a part of this natural process which is also occurred when you get a very heavy injury however it also damages a particular area, and the blood is also called platelets and then it collects the cloud together which was situated near the injury. It is being said that the blood can also cloth without any cause and if you are having small clothes so they can disappear on their own.

Agnes Nandutu Health Condition Update

We wish that she will be recovered soon and back to her own place. As she has fallen down from her bathroom show blood clots can be deadly but it is also important to recognize all the signs of blood clots which can also turn out into swelling pain and fatigue. That’s why she is underdiagnosed by the medical professional and we are hoping that she will be back soon.

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