What Is The ‘Crazy Frog Dead’ Trend On Twitter? Meme Is All Over Social Media: One social media user wrote on Twitter I am devastated and I have no words to express the sadness I am feeling for the death of Crazy Frog. Crazy Frog was my hero and idol, I will not overcome this pain for a long time.

But who is Crazy Frog? and why people are posting such kinds of posts on Twitter? There are various questions to be answered. In this article, we will tell you who is Crazy Frog and why people are posting such kinds of posts. You are advised to stick with this page for a while and read all the sections of this article.

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What Is The ‘Crazy Frog Dead’ Trend On Twitter?

Crazy Frog is not the name of a real man however it is a title of an animated character. Reportedly, it is a Swedish CGI anime character that was initially called The Annoying Thing. Crazy Frog the European dance musician character was created back in 2003 by an actor named Erik Wernquist who is a renowned animator. Erik is widely recognized by the people for his amazing creations such as The Annoying Thing, Wanderers, Grotesco, and many more. Kindly look at the next division to know for what reason Erik created Crazy Frog animated character.

Crazy Frog Dead Trend On Twitter

Initially, the character was created by Erik to accompany a sound effect that was produced by Daniel Malmedahl. The marketing of Crazy Frog was done by Jamba! The aforementioned character spawned a globally hit single track which also topped the chartbusters inNew Zealand, Turkey, Australia, and other European countries. Meanwhile, the second track titled Popcorn also registered worldwide chart success. This character spawned numerous singles, plenty of toys, and merchandise as well as multiple games before going on a long hiatus for approximately ten years in 2009.

Crazy Frog Dead Death Rumours Explored

And after a hiatus of 13 years, a new single was released on 10th December 2021 titled Tricky. Before this, a Twitter profile was also created under the name of the character. Meanwhile, Crazy Frog’s official Facebook page and Youtube Channel were also created on 22nd April 2020. But there is no detail regarding the Crazy Frog’s discontinuity and inactiveness. However, some social media users are claiming Crazy Frog is dead. For more information and updates keep visiting our web page and read other trending news as well.

One question which is currently at the top of the search is “Can an animated character die? Well, the users of social media have a lot to say about Crazy Frog, alias The Annoying Thing, dying over the weekend and coming back to life. The “Crazy Frog dead” is the latest trend to sweep Twitter as admirers of the famous CGI character watched that he was declared dead on a fan page. Now, netizens have come up with some of the funniest stories to describe the supposed death of Crazy Frog and rebirth. Keep on reading to know more about it.

How The “Crazy Frog Dead” Trends Began

Crazy Frog might be not real, but individuals entirely feel for him. A large number of the users of Twitter followed a tweet by the account @CrazyFrogInfo on Sunday, 17th of April. The tweet read: “Crazy Frog has passed away.” The following post stated: “Will follow up with updates if when I get confirmation.” The trend gained acceleration when the official Crazy Frog handle responded to the initial post. “I do not think so”, the tweet read, hence conveying to admirers that he is very much alive.

This is not the first time Crazy Frog was pronounced dead. The Twitter account behind the latest tweet asserted, “Crazy Frog has passed away” in another tweet from 22nd June 2021. So, admirers were fast to realize that the same joke was repeated about a year later.

Annoying Thing’s Rebirth Gives Rise To Hilarious Tweets

The running joke on Twitter is backed by hilarious theories as the admirers of Crazy Frog commemorated his rebirth, whilst the CGI character was never really dead or can ever die. We think Crazy Frog is amazingly funny but these tweets below may just be a trace bit funnier. One Twitter user funnily wrote: “Yeah he was just detained by INTERPOL, it is okay. Crazy Frog was just lying about being dead. Do not know why.”

Another joked, “3 days later, Crazy Frog rose from the dead.”

One user wrote, “Thank god you are not dead, it is an Easter miracle”.

A Twitter user penned, “I thought they shot you dead for tax evasion,” which was a funny theory.

Who Created The Spanish CGI?

Crazy Frog was created by playwright and actor Erik Wernquist in the year 2003. The character gained throughout the world prominence with its cover by Axel F. The following single “Popcorn” was a world chart success as well.