Kevin Samuel is rumored to be dead after a page posted his death news and it went viral on various social media platforms. The news of the death was flooded everywhere, but there is no official report that can clarify the death of the 56-year-old man. The news was shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well. Samuels was a self-proclaimed relationship guru, who was lashed for his comments on the black women community. The rumored deceased was also an image consultant. He was in a hot mess with young women because of his Misogynistic comments toward black women. He was sometimes bashed by many women for his comments and the things he says about women. Though the news about his death said that he is dead, and it occurred on Thursday, the rumored deceased posed a video of him discussing Modern Women. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

What Was Kevin Samuel Cause Of Death? Controversial YouTuber Passed Away At 56, Funeral & Obituary!

Kevin Samuel Death Reason

His last post on Facebook was last on Tuesday, and there is no post or activity on his Twitter since April. Some of the Netizens were quick to react to his death news and some passed out some really mean comments saying- I can’t believe he is dead. I should have felt sorry for his death, but I a, not feel so. Does that mean I’m celebrating it? We shouldn’t mourn his death, he always was on a tend to bash women, especially the black women. He was in News recently and was discussing women who are above 35 and aren’t married yet. He said that women who are above 35 are considered leftovers.

Kevin Samuel: Wikipedia & Biography

Furthermore, on the podcast, he said that Men who didn’t choose you, know that there is something bad in them. He said that he is speaking the truth and that they are leftovers. Women between 22-25 are the ones that one should settle down with. When this podcast went aired, people bashed him for being mean. As he was pointing out women as leftovers and also telling others wrong about the age and settlements. He was in the News for the wrong reasons always.

Kevin Samuel: Funeral & Obituary

He advises men to higher their values and standards. He is always taken down for his misogynistic comments, but despite all of this he still keeps on telling what he always does. Though there are rumors that he is dead, many pages on Instagram and Facebook have shared his death News. People on Twitter also asked questions about his death, which made the topic trending on Twitter. There is no official report out yet, but we will be updated sooner or later.

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