Who Is Elisa Errichiello? Teacher Arrested For Historic Abuse Charges: We are constantly reading about many cases of child abuse and most of the time the teacher of the children are involved in such heinous crimes. One such teacher is currently in the news as she has been detained for the charge of historic child s*x abuse.

Rosehill Secondary School is all over social media at present. It was established in the year 1959 as Niddrie Technical School located in Niddrie, Victoria, Australia. The all-boys school later changed into co-ed in the early 1990s and was retitled Niddrie Secondary College.

Who Is Elisa Errichiello?

The school is presently under fire after one of its senior teachers got detained for historic child s*x abuse. Though this is not the first time that the school has been in the news. Back in the year 2017, they were under fire for giving an assignment that requested to design and market an illegal designer drug through making packaging.

Who Is Elisa Errichiello From Rosehill Secondary College?

Elisa Errichiello is a senior educator from Rosehill Secondary college. She had been serving in the college for a long time now. As the detain has been made recently, there are very less details about the educator on the online platform. The only thing known about Elisa is that she is a teacher in the school for a long time. The detain has once again made the school trend all over social media. As she covers the headline for the first time due to detain, most of her information is far from the online portals.

Elisa Errichiello Arrested

Elisa Errichiello is one of the senior educators at Rosehill Secondary College. She has been detained for historical abuse, according to the media outlets. The report further added that she will be facing around 26 charges about the case to the general public. The school itself has not issued any official statement on the matter till now.

The Previous Controversies Of Rosehill Secondary College  

This is not the first time Rosehill Secondary College has discovered itself in a controversy. Back in the year 2017, the school came under the news due to an assignment. They assigned work to year 10 students that asked them to design and also market an illegal designer drug by making a packaging that would appeal to the users of the drug. One of the fathers of the students contacted radio presenter Neil Mitchell on 3AW in order to express his indignation at the coursework.