Who is Poblacion Girl Gwyneth: There is a news that has been trending all over internet and media. A lady named Gwyneth Chua who appears to be trending online for her antics. Nevertheless, the reason behind she trending online is not so good. As there are many netizens who are criticising her, and many of them are quite angry with her.

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Who is Poblacion Girl Gwyneth Chua?

Gwyneth Chua reportedly partied in a bar in Poblacion, Makati after coming from the United States on December 22, when she was meant to be in a quarantined hotel. She later tested positive for COVID-19, and she infected a number of people at the party.

She has already arrived in the Philippines, where she has infected four people: the first two Omicron infected cases were a returning Filipino from Japan and a Nigerian man, the third was a Filipino returning from Qatar, and the fourth is a 38-year-old woman from the United States.

According to the reports, the family of the Filipina tourist from the United States filing a lawsuit against her.

Carlos Laurel, a family member, told GMA News’ Unang Balita on Thursday that the traveler’s acts, named as Gwyneth Chua, were irresponsible, especially because some of his siblings and cousins tested positive for COVID-19 after the dinner.

“At first, we thought it was reckless,” he explained.

According to Laurel, the family dinner was planned because they haven’t seen each other since the pandemic began in 2019.

Chua was at the celebration because her boyfriend, who was a cousin’s friend, brought her there, he claimed. No one in their family, he claimed, had personally invited her.

“None of us,” says the narrator. “Neither I nor my cousins personally invited her to the dinner,” Laurel explained.

The dinner was attended by 17 persons, 13 of whom were members of the clan, including Laurel, two dates, and Chua and her boyfriend.

She immediately moved to a portion in Poblacion, this is the reason she is being called a “Poblacion Girl.” Check out few of the Twitter comments that will give you an idea of how people are criticizing him. I hope @DOHgovph can investigate this Gwyneth Chua aka Poblacion girl who is accused of violating her trip arrival quarantine and spreading the omicron version while partying in Makati, according to one of the users.

We will soon update more deatils about this case. Till then, stay tuned with Trendy Kendy for more updates and news.