Who was Raul Yayoy Alcoseba and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “Cebu’s winningest coach” passes away: It was sad that Yayoy Icoseba has left this world. Many were sad after hearing about his passing news. On social media, many people started giving tribute to him. His family was broken when they heard his passing news. He was a great man and a caring personality. Those who knew him, know how great he was when it comes to working. So many people were following his advice because his teaching style was very different from many others and people like him. He died at the age of 71. Today, in this article, we going to discuss what exactly happened to him and also look into his personal life.

Who was Raul Yayoy Alcoseba?

His son, Ramon was the first one who announced his death news on social media. It was sad that he was not between us.

He was the coach person to the University of Cebu from 2017 to 2019.  Many of his students will take some lessons from him. And his lessons were strict, torture, and hard to take it. Because he believes in only one philosophy, and that is Do or Die.

How did Raul Yayoy Alcoseba die?

He doesn’t care whether his student suffering from pain or any injury. They had to show up each and every day. If any of his students did not take the class from him without any reason then the training was hard than the previous day and those who take the classes from him knew how strict he was when it comes to training.

Raul Yayoy Alcoseba Death Cause

Yayoy Alcoseba was a renowned basketball player. Besides coaching, he loves to play basketball. When he was not at work, he plays basketball and he liked it so much. Now, his student life was in a different way if he doesn’t get the training of him. Many students were thanking him to become a stronger man.

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We go to many authentic websites and also go to some sources but we couldn’t find his marriage details. We don’t know whether he was married or single. We are assuming that he was single and he has no kids. Many people say he was surrounded by many girls but he didn’t show interest in them. He was focused on his career and has to create settle in his life. So, he didn’t go into marriage life.