Who was Spike Porter and what was his cause of death?: Have you heard ever about someone who took his own life at that time when he himself went to attend the funeral? No right? But as per the latest report, family and pals have paid tribute after a man tragically took his own life at the funeral in front of stunned grievers.

The tragedy has happened last Thursday, at the time of the funeral service at the Pimpama Island Cemetery at Jacobs Well, Gold Coast. When he was in the back of a car in the funeral procession, Spike Porter (25-years-old) took his own life in the presence of other grievers, as per reported by the media outlet.

Who was Spike Porter?

Those who were present at the scene along with paramedics attempted to save Mr. Porter but he passed away prior to a rescue helicopter being reached. The twin brother of Mr. Porter, Eddie, updated his Facebook profile with a happy photo of him and his sibling smiling and laughing against an idyllic rural backdrop. After his demise, a GoFundMe campaign was launched on Friday in order to raise money for the family of Mr. Porter.

Spike Porter Cause of Death?

Campaign organizer Bridie Pipe shared the fundraiser on Facebook along with the caption: “Please contribute if you can; the aid of every bit no matter how big or small.  Let us help this adorable family as much as we can; aid gives them the time they are required to mourn while taking some of the financial pressures of the family. Forever loved and always recalled.”

It has since garnered over $20,000. One person who donated the money penned: “Rest easy brother, Never got to meet you but have heard some of the good memories you had with your brother.”

Another person wrote,”You will be forever missed.”

Tributes to Mr Porter have also inundated social media. One person wrote, “I wish you were here now, so you could watch how much love and respect everyone has for you.”

One more user posted, “Lost for words over another life lost in this way. Your fight is over and you can rest easy. My heart is devasted for your whole family and all your pals.”

The third one wrote, “No measure of time will ever heal the hole you have left in me. To say you will be missed does not quite cut it. I will recall and think of you for the rest of my days.”