The grand finale of the show Lockup is finally here and the winner will soon be announced in no time. There are many depictions, and many are busy deciding what the winner will get after winning the contest. The show initiated this year in February and has been airing for 4moths nearly. It has been viewed for its concept and especially by the host Kangana Ranaut. The show’s finale will be aired on the 7th of May, on Alt Balaji and Mx players as well. The show has been since it has started has made the viewers engaged as various contestants have come up with different confessions making the audiences engaged with it. The show’s finale will be aired at 10:30 Pm and the winner will be announced by the host herself. It is also been said that the contestants will perform, other than them the ex-contestants are also going to join the performances. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Will Be The Winner Of Lock Upp? Winner Name, Prize Money, Runner Up, Special Guests & More!

Who Will Be The Winner Of Lock Upp?

The show has grasped over 100 million views on Youtube, also the show has been loved widely because of the bold hosting of Kangana. The viewers are already voting for their loved contestants and there is not much time left for the final to be here. Ekta Kapoor is the producer of the show and the concept revolves around celebrities and influencers who have to be in jail collectively. They are exposed to minimum necessities and their patience is been tested. The show started off with 20 contestants but during the 72 days time period the contestants were slowly eliminated one by one.

Lock Up Winner Name Revealed

For now, only 6 members are left for the finale. The finalists of the show are- Munawar Faruqui, Anjali Arora, Payal Rohatgi, Narula Shivam Sharma, and Azma Fallah. The depicted amount that the winner will get according to sources is between 5-25 lakh rupees. Apart from that, the winner will get sponsor goodies. When predicting the winner people are saying that Prince Narula cannot be the one because he was a sent in the troublemaker category.

Lock Up: Runner Up, Guest & More

Shivam and Azma were not actively involved in the show as said by predictors. The last three left are Munawar, Payal, and Anjali, people are taking sides and it is getting intense. Anyhow there is not much time left and everyone will get informed about the winner. The voting was open, and people voted for their favorites on the websites. The winner will get fame and money as well anyhow.

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