Yailin La Mas Leaked video filtrado

Yailin La Mas Leaked video filtrado. The Police video that captured the moment in which Yailin “La Más Viral” was arrested in Florida last Thursday was leaked, and in it there appear serious allegations of domestic violence by the artist’s narrations.Captura de pantalla Yailin La Más Viral

As Yailin alleged during her arrest, the argument with Tekashi began when she wanted to leave his house, and he did not want her to leave.

The artist told the agent that it was a boss who came from “before”, and that when he asked for her things to be able to leave, he hid her passport, she did not want to give him her belongings, which triggered the attack, according to her, both parties.

Regarding the passport allegations, he said that he hid it, that he called security and told him that he had it, that he should wait 7 minutes, and then he gave it back to him but that, if he wanted to leave, “he would leave without anything.”

“Well then, give me money, keep everything, give me, even if it’s $1,000 so I can leave,” he alleged that he told the rapper, but that “he didn’t want to give me anything.”

Yailin La Mas Leaked video filtrado

When asked by the agent about whether Tekashi had hit her, she mentioned that “he is the type of person who, for example, gives you your normal support, when you come to where he starts recording you and then takes your cell phone from you, erases you.” to’, and he keeps everything he has, nothing more than you.”

“He attacks me, I record it, he comes and goes. He takes my phone, he deletes everything. He starts recording, I tell him to give me back my things, I’m leaving here because I have nothing to do here, he doesn’t want to give them back to me. And he told me no, that he was going to screw me, he was going to leave me without money or anything. And I’m not from here, I don’t have a vehicle, I don’t have anything.”

Yailin La Mas Leaked video filtrado

Likewise, she mentioned that “normally he comes to you, starts recording” and then alleges that she is the one who is attacking him. He also said that on many occasions when she records him assaulting her, he takes her phone from her and deletes the evidence of her. He claimed that the same thing had happened that night but that he had not given her time to send the evidence to anyone.

The Dominican said that she has adopted the habit of recording the incidents and sending it to other people so that when he takes her phone and deletes the videos, the evidence remains. She even defended herself multiple times with the agent after mentioning that her friends have several videos and evidence of alleged aggression by the rapper, and that she has even threatened to publish intimate videos of her.

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During much of the video, Yailin is seen crying intensely, particularly at the moment in which the officer explains to her that, although Tekashi did not want her to be arrested, after calling the police and publishing the assault videos where she was seen Yailin violently, it was his obligation to arrest her, as in any other case of domestic violence.

The officer explained that given the evidence, 6ix9ine was the victim, and that he had arranged with the rapper to get her out of jail the next day, just as he did, and urged him to call the police in case of that he did not want to give him his things or harm him, and that if he tried to prevent him from doing so, he would be going against the law, for which he would be arrested.