Detective Brian Menton: Yonkers Shooting Leads To Death of Suspect Bryant Adams: Law enforcement has made many strict rules but the crimes are not taking the name to stop. As per the latest report, Detective Brian Menton is an FBI Task Force member who criminal Bryant Adams shot inside a New York convenience store.

Brian Menton is a veteran detective for the FBI and he was managing a sting operation to purchase a firearm when Bryant Adams shot him inside the New York store. Brian then shot Adams at the Linden and Elm street, after which Adam was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead to death due to his severe injuries.

Who Is Detective Brian Menton?

Brian Menton is a veteran FBI agent who Bryant Adams shot while he was in a sting operation to purchase a gun inside a New York store. The twin brother of Brian was also present outside the site and he was fast to leap into action and shift his injured brother to the hospital. Cops probed the case and also retrieved the CCTV recording of the complex, and are now studying for 2 more suspects engaged in the shooting.

The health of Brian Menton has recovered and he is now in a stabilized medical condition according to the police reports. Brian was a member of the Westchester Safe Streets Task Force and he was on the mission to detain 3 suspects in the New York shopping center sting operation. At approx 02:10 PM, he was shot in his abdomen by one of the 3 suspects viz, Bryant Adams whom the injured officer fired back at and assassinated in the process of fleeing.

Information On Yonkers Shooting And Suspect Bryant Adams 

Bryant Adams was one of the 3 suspects in the illegal gun trade operation inside a New York Shopping Center. As the 3 suspects were being detained, Bryant fired at one of the detectives Brian Menton, and attempted to push him away to run away from the scene. He was then shot by Brian which resulted in his demise. Adams lived in Georgia and he had 5 children per his mother, who visited the crime scene after the incident.

What Is Police Brian Menton’s Twin Brother’s Name?

The twin brother of Brian Menton was also present nearby the crime scene at the time of the shooting. The brother of Brian is also an FBI agent and he fastly entered the convenience store and rushed his brother Brian to the closed Jacobi Medical Center. Brian was treated for his gunshot injuries and wounds and is now in stabilized conditions according to the sources.