Over the weekend, social networks were at the center of a new scandal that affected the Biden family, the family of the US president. Scandals that affect the image of the current president of the country.

4chan Hunter Biden icloud leak video, the son of the president weighing crack leaked twitter

The new scandal broke after an 18-second video was played, in which Hunter Biden’s face was clearly seen in the room, smoking a cigarette, however, when he changed the camera on his phone, the device captured the weight of the white matter, the substance is considered. illegal in his country.

US President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, June 29, 2022. AP Photo/Susan Walsh.
Biden invites you to vote for abortion rights and freedom

Over time, overhearing conversations between the president’s son and the sex workers, he asked if there was still “crack,” the name by which cocaine was known.

The video, which went viral after it was uploaded to social networks, in which a scale or scale weighing about 21 grams of white substance is seen, became the center of controversy and so far there has been no declarations of the agent’s son or of the agent himself. This will help determine if the viral video is real.

As the new video went viral, the images of infidelity, drug use and drunkenness were reinforced, tarnishing the image of the president’s son.

Sex, Drugs, Guns and More Hunter Biden Scandal

Last June, amid a growing controversy over the use of guns in the United States, President Biden tried to persuade members of Congress to pass legislation that would allow a series of actions that would limit the ability of citizens to acquire and use weapons in the United States. In the country, through social networks, a video of the president’s son was also leaked in which he is seen in a hotel room, naked and armed with fire, apparently working as a sex worker.