Alabama High School Teacher Appears To Be Having Relations During ZOOM Class
An Alabama teacher is being accused of having what looked like intimate relations with her boyfriend, during an official Zoom where students attended.

Alabama High School Teacher Having Sex During ZOOM Class – Watch Video:

And a video that could be interpreted as a teacher involved in the intimate act while on Zoom, has gone viral.

In the video, which has since been trending online, the woman – who is described as a BCS employee in her Zoom profile – is seen lying face down in bed.

“This is why Birmingham City Schools kids out and virtual! Teachers ain’t teaching. These BMT teachers are not like they use to be. They getting their bykes TAPPED out while kids on zoom. No morals. Just throw the whole school system away,” the video is captioned.

Later in the video, a shirtless man appears – and he seems to be laying on top of the teacher. Then, the teacher is seen rocking back and forth – as if someone is moving her body.

The video quickly went viral and began circulating among parents who are outraged by the video.

While the City of Birmingham’s official policy is for all schools to offer “in person” learning, many have been forced to switch to remote – as teachers have been using “sick out” protests to shut down schools.

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