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Style guides play a vital role in app design. Smooth building blocks of design having an advantage in better user experience. Consistent design language enables users in a comfortable structure. Fonts should be more clear and readable so users do easily research come to face any reading problems. If developers want to change and new style. it’s better to modify style guides this also known as rendered design.
App Development process:

The actual action and work function of the 4facetats application comes in this scenario. Proper choice of programming language and logic behind every aspect of app development should bring into action.

The project manager plays a vital role in this process to distribute the tasks to every developer to achieve planned and designed milestones. The proper relation between designer and developer affects the whole development process. So collaboration of team is important.

Part of the development should be related to design. So, Its recommended that developers should also use design software for an effective understanding of design. Hex values, positioning, scripting forms, dimensions are important regarding the development of proper scenes.

High level of technical design Proper choice of programming language is vital according to our vision. C# ‘C slash’ is nowadays mostly used as it is easy to use, quickly deployable, and fast. There are numerous technologies, languages, and approaches to design terms that can be structured in the mobile app. Each technology has its terms, conditions, and limitations. Reliability in new technology with devices is an important factor that developers should consider.

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For the front end 4facetats, There are mainly 3 categories in which the front end developed.
• Platform-specific Native – For this type of development, the application is based on the type of platform on which it will be used. That means code cannot able to execute between iOS and Android. It is different for different device platforms but optimization can be done. This approach of development is expensive but completely workable and tested.

• Cross-platform Native – This type of app 4facetats is compatible with many platforms. Mainly in market android and iOS devices, so the compactibility within these two operating systems is available for cross-platform applications. The native script, Reactive Native, Xamrine, etc. technology are mostly used for this platform.

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