Bartholomew 0794 Video Leaked on Twitter

In this viral video, an older man (Bartholomew 0794) sits in his front yard and chats with his neighbor across the street (Bartholomew 2780). After explaining that he enjoys watching videos on YouTube, 0794 mentions that he got in trouble with his wife after spending way too much money while watching videos on TwitchTV.

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Bartholomew 0794 Viral Video Trending On Twitter & Redditt

The Bartholomew 0794 music video has taken social media by storm and increased interest in the band tremendously. The music video was created to show that the band can do much more than just play their instruments, it can also create their own music videos! The Bartholomew 0794 music video has received over 10 million views across different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit! Below are three links to watch this viral video!


is a user on the website Reddit who goes by the name of Bartholomew0794. This past week, he posted a video to YouTube that has since gone viral. The video is called Why I’m never going to vote again, and it’s currently trending on both Twitter and Reddit. In the video, Bartholomew 0794 twitter explains his reasoning for why he believes voting is a waste of time. He argues that the system is rigged and that no matter who you vote for, nothing will change.

Bartholomew0794 Twitter Video

A video of a cat named Bartholomew 0794 leaked twitter video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. The video, which was tweeted by @TheCatWhisprer, shows the cat calmly sitting in a chair while a storm rages outside the window.

Bartholomew 0794 Twitter Leaked Video

A video of Bartholomew0794 video, a popular Twitter user, has been leaked and is trending on both Twitter and Reddit. The video shows Bartholomew 0794 viral video using profanity and making derogatory comments about other users. This has caused many people to call for his account to be banned. However, others are defending him, saying that he has the right to free speech. It is unclear at this time what will happen to Bartholomew 0794’s account.

Bartholomew0794 Viral Video

A video of a man being pushed down a set of stairs by a woman went viral on social media this week. The footage, which was originally posted on Twitter, shows the man, identified as Bartholomew0794, being pushed down a set of stairs by a woman. The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and has been shared widely on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Users on Reddit have speculated that the video may have been staged, but that has not been confirmed.

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