Big Brother Mzansi Elimination Week 7: Who Gets Evicted from Big Brother Mzansi? Revealed: If you are looking to know the nomination for the 7th week of “Big Brother Mzansi” then you are on the right page.

The 6th season of the show is highly liked by the onlookers and they are desperately looking to know the insights of each and every episode.

The theme of this season is “Beke Le Beke. This show has a new host named Lawrence Maleka. In this article, we are particularly focusing on the nominations of the 7th week. So let’s have a look at the nomination list.Big Brother Mzansi Elimination Week 7: Who Gets Evicted from Big Brother Mzansi? Revealed

Big Brother Mzansi Elimination

There have been numerous conspiracies and planning-plotting around the House and all the Housemates are walking around with a target on their back.

No one can easily say that they are safe. In the game, the contestants watch using a spoon, contestants need to transfer water to a jug sans spilling a single drop from the spoon. At the time of the first round, Gash1 was disqualified for going over the line.

Big Brother Mzansi Elimination week 7 – Who is in Elimination in Big Brother Mzansi this week – Big Brother Mzansi Elimination

Nale and Themba were very close to triumphing but lady luck was not on their side this time. As the outgoing head of the house, Tulz was not eligible to take the participate in the game. Libo triumphed the Hoh games and became the Head of House. He then surprised everyone by choosing Themba as DHoH. Libo wins HoH, Immunity from Nominations, and Veto power for the save and replace. The DHoH also wins immunity and just like the HoH will be safer from Nominations and possible Eviction.

Big Brother Mzansi Nominated Contestants List Wee 7

The nominated housemates for BB Mzansi week 7 Eviction are:

  • Venus
  • Mphowabadimo
  • Gash1
  • Thato
  • Nale

Top 10 Big Brother Mzansi 2022 3rd Season Housemates

With just 10 Housemates left in the House, we are drawing near to the #BBMzansi Grand Finale and with R2 million on the line the stakes keep getting higher. We have so many questions about how they have all had to change their strategy to this game but each Housemate has brought an interesting flair of their own.

Tulz had made it so far into the game sans being Nominated for possible Elimination, as luck would have it-he triumphed HoH when he was likely to be Nominated making him immune to the process of Nominations. Sis Tamara shook the House when they did not save Terry when she was Nominated but further put up Vyno for possible Elimination.