According to XXL Mag, the couple can be seen throwing jabs at one another as a bystander records the incident.

“Are you alright, dude,” the onlooker asked as Chrisean Rock slapped Blueface, and the rapper responded by throwing a jab.

“Bro, that’s not good,” the onlooker yelled.

Blueface and Chrisean Fighting Video – Blueface Offers Girlfriend Chrisean Rock $100K To Split

Chrisean and Blueface then can be seen falling to the ground and struggling over what looks to be an iced-out chain.

“Let me go,” Blueface yelled.

As the rapper gets up, he’s seen walking away with the chain in hand.

Blueface took to his Instagram story Tuesday morning to show the aftermath of the couple’s fight. In the clip, he showed Chrisean lying in bed and called her the “heavyweight champion of the world.”

Blueface turned the camera to his face to show his injuries.

“She done hit me in my shit,” he said to the camera. “As you can see she’s fine.”

“What you need to leave me the fuck alone?” he asked Chrisean. “Fuck it. One hundred thousand.”

“You want to beat me up in public and shit, so what’s up?” he continued. “What will it take for us to end this nice and pleasant?”

“It’s not pleasant,” Chrisean replied.

She continued by telling Blueface that she didn’t want his money. And the rapper called her a “whore with tattoos” and implied that Chrisean had been cheating on him.

Instagram users have chimed in with their perspectives on the couple’s relationship.

“They both dysfunctional smh,” one user wrote.

“He’s trying to antagonize her so he can get her locked up. Stay safe tho,” another user added.

As Blavity reported, the couple was recently spotted on a double date with Halle Bailey and rapper DDG.

Watch Blueface and Chrisean Fighting Video