BTS Seoul Tour Announcement: The ARMY back home has been fascinated with BTS. They’ve announced a concert in Seoul in 2022. Their home country’s ARMY will be able to see the band live in Seoul. BTS is delighted to play in Seoul next year after a nearly two-year break owing to government limitations placed around the world to control the spread of Coronavirus.

BTS Seoul Tour Announcement in March 2022, Fans Excited for a World Tour

BTS Seoul Tour Announcement 2022

The news was official through the band’s official Twitter account along with that they shared a promo consisting of Permission to Dance Onstage performance collection photographs. According to the caption,

Fans also expressed their joy and love for the celebrities. There are a lot of fans who belong from outside of Seoul and are hoping that this performance will kick off the lads’ international tour.

Some fans speculated that this is the start of their planned world tour in 2022. “Wait.. Okay so you guys know how BTS basically claimed it’s only the beginning?” one Twitter user said. So they’re resuming performances (maybe a tour) again in March; what if they recreate the locations from the MOTS tour that was canceled? Seoul would be the starting point once more.”

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The band also released a poster for the event, which used colors from their single album ‘Butter,’ which includes the song ‘Permission to Dance.’

Big Hit Music will provide additional information, such as ticket costs, later.

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