California Church Shooting Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit, Suspect & Victim Name Revealed: The sheriff reports that four people were killed in a shooting at a church in Laguna Woods, California. According to the Sheriff, one person was killed and four others were injured in the shooting at the church. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, one person died on the scene, three were gravely hurt, and one suffered minor injuries. The event occurred at Geneva Presbyterian Church, where a previous pastor from the Taiwanese Congregation was being honored. The photography took held at the same time as a lunch reception. A guy opened fire on the church, killing one person and gravely wounding four more.

California Church Shooting Video

The police declared that the church contained solely adult citizens. The people at the church were virtually entirely from the Taiwanese community. According to Sheriff Jeff Hallock, the individual who shot the people was Asian and in his 60s. Two shotguns were discovered at the crime scene, and he also stated that the suspect is now being investigated. The police also stated that there should be no fear of going to the church to pray because we have now taken the suspect into consideration. When the crime was taking place, those who were brave enough tied the man’s hands and legs together with an extension cord.

Who Is The Suspect?

And took away the two shotguns he was carrying, according to the sheriff. The males that participated in the shot were aged 66, 75, 82, and 92. There was also an 86-year-old woman. Everyone in the church was elderly and there to pray. Sheriffs said it was a hate crime committed on purpose. The mayor of the city has stated that they will do all possible to protect the citizens and the Asian community.

California Church Shooting Victim Revealed

Though they may be dreaded at this point, Cynthia Conners told CNN that we all feel a little less safe these days. According to authorities, investigations are underway to learn more about the incident that occurred and the motivation for the incident. The California Governor also expressed his sympathies and thoughts to the victims of the incident and stated that they are working closely with local law enforcement.