Can under 18 enter cinema hall? What is the age limit for a child to buy cinema ticket? Here is the full detail.

Do not come with your  kids to A-rated movies,’ says one poster above a ticket counter, while another adds, ‘Those under the age of 18 are not allowed to see A-rated films.’ There are several cities where you have to see such notice boards, but it appears that parents have no issue coming up with their kids despite the fact that whether it’s an ‘A’, ‘U/A’, or ‘U’, every film is a family film to them.

According to the guidelines, no one under the age of 18 is permitted to attend an A-rated film. Parents, on the other hand, pick fights with attendants for stopping them. There are several cases that have been coming forward where attendants stop the parents who bring their small kids to watch A-rated films and parents start arguing with them. The parents began arguing with me when I stopped the family.

“What is the purpose to use of rating a film if the related norms can’t be enforced to the public?” says Roshni, a moviegoer who works for an online payment service in Noida. Theatres have no option to do so, as I don’t feel parents check the ratings of the film before sending their children to a theatre. For Indian parents, everything is U,” whether it’s an A or a U/A rating film.

What is the age limit for a child to buy a ticket in Cinema Hall?

  • The age requirements for purchasing a ticket are listed below. To keep you aware, there will be no purchase for a “A” adult film.
  • Mumbai: All cinemas in the region will need a ticket for children aged 2 and up (Including KT Vision Vasai).
  • To watch a movie at any Carnival theatre, children aged 3 and up must purchase a full ticket.
  • Kanpur: Children over the age of 5 will require a ticket to the INOX Z Square and Bada Chauraha cinemas. Rest of the time, all cinemas in this area need children aged 2 and up to have a ticket.
  • Children aged 3 and up will require a ticket in the remaining cities.
  • Movies are available to all youngsters. Adult cinema, on the other hand, has its own set of rules.
  • Punjab: 5 Years & above
  • Himachal Pradesh: 3 Years & above
  • Haryana: 3 Years & above
  • Jharkhand: 3 Years & above
  • Bihar: 3 Years & above
  • UP: 5 Years & above
  • Rajasthan: 3 Years & above
  • Uttarakhand: 5 Years & above