Currently, a new thing is trending under the headline of video de Cruzkeo viral. To put information in detail, Colombian influencers Cruzkeo and Valentina Mor’s sister’s leaked intimate video is on Twitter and other social networks. Jonnier Pineda known as Cruzkeo and Valentina Mor’s sister are in the public exposure due to the leak of an intimate video on Twitter.

Influencer Cruzkeo’s content is about prank videos and he has around 42.3k followers on Instagram and around 942k followers on Facebook. But due to this leaked video it may impact the influencer’s image among the public, lets learn why this video is getting viral.

Why Cruzkeo video viral is trending?

What makes this video so great? There are a number of reasons why it has been trending. The first reason to watch the video is that Cruzkeo and Valentina Mor’s sister are both well-known. They both have a lot of followers on social media, which helped build excitement among the public to watch the leaked video even more.

In this video, it seems both have been involved in some intimate acts, which are enough to create a huge controversy among the fans. However, both reacted to the viral video in an astonishing way.

Playground Twitter Viral Video

What was their reaction after video de Cruzkeo viral clip?

Cruzkeo apologizes to his fans and family. Due to the dissemination of the video on social networks, Cruzkeo and Valentina Mor’s sister published a 5:32 minute video, explaining the situation and how much it has affected them.

“Believe it, one did not do it with bad intentions, I am very sorry, I do not know what my family will think of me, my mother, my sisters, the truth is I am speechless,” said the young woman.

However, in the video that was published, the Colombian influencer announced that they were victims because someone close to them leaked the video.

“Because if I gave you the confidence to have my cell phone in your hands, you would not have to show any video.” Jonnier Pineda said.

They also mention that they did not do it due to controversy and Cruzkeo takes the blame and that it was a mistake to record the intimate moment with the young woman.

It is estimated that said leak was due to an alleged debt from Cruzkeo to the young person

responsible for the video, which is approximately three million Colombian pesos.