Cooku With Comali Season 3 5th March 2022 Episode: Advantage Task Winner Names Revealed

Cooku With Comali Season 3 5th March 2022 Episode: Advantage Task Winner Names Revealed: Here we are with the written episode update of Cooku With Comali Season 3, of 5 March 2022, the episode begins with, fun and entertainment. This season is going o be filled with more fun and interesting elements and the “Traditional Round” and the contestants are facing the second elimination this week. ‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’, so you will go to see the elimination this week.

Cooku With Comali Season 3

Elimataiienge is the most disheartening part of the show, but as per the concept of the show is mandatory to take place. So the levers of the show are gonna be shocked with the elimination of this week. stay tuned to get more updates on tonight’s episode. In the thoughts episode, you guys will be going to see those most tricky challenges in front of the contestants. The challenge is gonna be so difficult to be performed but the participants will be seen giving their best to the challenge. As they don’t want to face elimination. So they all will be seen giving their best to the show and are looking so dedicated while performing a task.

The judges will be seen fetching the most different ingredient and their challenge is to be prepared something delicious with it. So everyone seems bot confuse to give a try to this ingredient as they are going to use it for the very first time in their life. So it os isn’t wrong to say that this is the most challenging task for all. But the inserting part will be, how they take this perfectly or performed in this task. Other than this you guys will also be going to enjoy their challenges as they will also going to be making fun of each other and the environment in tonight’s episode is going to be jammed up with hilarious sequences.

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ 5th & 6th March Episodes: Pairing List

  1. Santosh and Shivangi
  2. Tharshan and Bala
  3. Roshini and Sheetal
  4. Vidyulekha and Adirchi Arul
  5. Shrutika and Kureshi
  6. Manobala and Manimegalai
  7. Grace and Sunitha
  8. Ammu and Barath

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3 Advantage Task Winner:-

Roshini and Bala, are in the advantage task and the first immunity challenge. Through this, they have been into winning another advantage task. And in this, they are indulged in the amount of watermelons acting but the difficult part is to use the hands.

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