Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination Week 5: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate – Online Live Voting Results Revealed!

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination Week 5 – 5th March 2022: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate – Online Live Voting Results Revealed!: Bigg Boss Ultimate is the current most famous and entertaining reality show which is going on really well. It is streaming on the digital platform, Disney+ Hotstar. The show has been getting much attention from people who are liking the show very much. The participants of the show are trying their level best to entertain the viewers. Throughout the week, the contestants have performed commendably during the tasks. Today is the weekend and all the viewers are really excited about it. They are eagerly waiting to know what will happen this weekend. In this article, we have brought the details about elimination and the voting results for this week.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

This week, the show completed its 5th week with lots of drama, fights, and tough tasks. Throughout the week, we have seen several fights and drama among the contestants. The viewers of the show have enjoyed the episodes of this week very much. All the contestants are doing great in the terms of entertainment.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination week 5 – Who is in Elimination in Bigg Boss Ultimate this week – Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

As we all know that the show has a huge fan base and just like every Bigg Boss, the viewers are enjoying this digital version of Tamil Bigg Boss. We have mentioned the list of nominated contestants below:

Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominated Contestants List

  1. Snehan
  2. Julie
  3. Abhirami
  4. Suruthi
  5. Thamarai
  6. Dhadi Balaji
  7. Anitha

Bigg Boss Ultimate Final Voting Results 5th Week

  1. Thamarai- 26.65% (476 votes)
  2. Anitha- 19.71% (352 votes)
  3. Julie- 18.53% (331 votes)
  4. Abhirami- 11.93% (213 votes)
  5. Suruthi- 9.18% (164 votes)
  6. Snehan- 8.40% (150 votes)
  7. Balaji- 5.60% (100 votes)

As per the voting results we have mentioned above, Anitha and Thamarai are absolutely safe from eviction this week. As they both have got more votes among others. However, Balaji and Snehan are in a danger zone. Yes, it could be possible that one of them will evict from BB Ultimate house. But there are no confirmed reports have come regarding the eviction. So, we have to watch the show this weekend to know who will evict this week from the show.

Apart from this, the host Kamal Hassan will be seen taking the class of the participants just like every weekend. So, it will be interesting to see who will get scolded by the host. He also talked to the participants about their behavior throughout the week. Along with the audience, the participants are also very excited about the weekend. Bigg Boss Ultimate is a digital version of Tamil Bigg Boss and it is only airing on Disney+ Hotstar. So, do not forget to watch the latest episode of “Bigg Boss Ultimate” on Disney+ Hotstar. Stay tuned with us for more updates.