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In a video marking the blessed event, Coolio, 58, held up his phone as it played the clip while displaying the gaudy ten-figure number.

“Yo, what’s up y’all? We just hit one billion,” he said. “I want to thank everybody for all the years of love and being there for me. I hope I got you through some good times and got you through some bad times, cuz he d–n sure got me through some… it’s on and it’s on and it’s on.

It wasn’t quite most of his life, but 27 years after its initial release and five after it was uploaded to YouTube Coolio‘s iconic 1995 Gangsta’s Paradise has joined the one billion views club.

The news hit this week that the title track from the spike-haired rapper’s 1995 sophomore album, which also famously appeared in the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer education drama Dangerous Minds, had crossed the billie mark.

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