Sad video of Afia Schwar probably begging police officers to be lenient on her after she was arrested and put behind ‘counter back’ emerges

A video of Afia Schwarzenegger probably pleading for leniency after she was arrested has emerged online.

Her arrest has nothing to do with the prevailing issue she has with Chairman Wontumi. Instead, she allegedly ordered expensive drinks at Honeysuckle Pub and Restaurant at Airport and refused to pay.

This information plus the footage was released by Nana Tornado, one of the fiercest nemesis of Afia.

Tornado wrote; ASIBOLANGA Was Arrested at Airport Police Station THIS Down At 1 is…. FOR NOT PAYING FOR A DRINK SHE BOUGHT. I Have My SetLight On You Baraaaaaa. THEIFFFFFF.

Another version of the story of what culminated in her arrest was shared by a netizen who said Afia broke some glass at the pub whilst heavily drunk.

She was asked to pay for the damage but allegedly refused which prompted the management of the pub to call the police to whisk her away.

The whistleblower wrote: “She was arrested at honeysuckle o yesterday a friend streaked me I heard she don break their glass then dey ask her to pay then madam refused to pay sen they called Koti on her.