Corpse Husband recently sent fans to Tizzy to share a secret video of a man on social media, presuming himself to be standing on the edge of a cliff. Here is a full update about the Corpse husband face reveal.

Ever since she has exploded all over the internet in the last few months, the faceless sensation has gone to extremes to protect her identity.

That’s why fans were left confused by his recent tweet, which revolved around an ominous figure standing on the edge of a cliff.

The figure then began to slowly levitate in the air, as the apocalyptic caption flashed across the screen: “Is this real?”

Upon closer inspection, fans felt that the person he looked like might be what Corpus Husband might look like in real life.

As lots of fans start wondering if the person in the video was indeed a Corpus Husband, they soon managed to get to the bottom of it.

Despite being ultra-realistic, the video is a creation by VFX artist Adeci, whose stunning fan art animation influenced the Corpus Husband.

In light of this cryptic post, Twitter was soon abuzz with a bunch of backlashes as fans had a mass meltdown over Corpus Husband’s recent tease.

Corpse Husband face reveal cryptic post leaves Twitter into a frenzy

One of the most closely guarded mysteries of today’s streaming era is the identity of Corpus Husband, an important source for his army of fans.

From battling chronic illness to deep-rooted social concerns, the 23-year-old’s personal life has been overshadowed by a secret that many close admirers want to preserve.

Keeping his best interests in mind, he has often urged those who respect their privacy, to seek a face.

This is why they were all the more confused and worried by their recent post, which came dangerously close to “face disclosure”.

Here are some reactions online, as fans were completely confused by Corpus Husband’s recent Tiktok video, with some calling it “illegal” to be so realistic:

Some even speculated that if Corpus Husband was a Grammy-Award-winning artist, Harry Styles:

As fans consider the meaning of their realistic new animation, it remains to be seen whether it is used for sorting music videos or in the near future.