Cranbourne Motorbike Accident: A motorcyclist survived the violent collision that happened in Cranbourne, southeast Melbourne. Yes, you read it right that a motorcyclist is luckily alive after colliding with a car at break-neck speeds. The reports of the collision have been surfacing all over the internet as well as in news headlines. After getting the news, people are stunned and pray to god that nothing went wrong. The rider is absolutely fine. There are many people who want to know what exactly happened and are also making searches for that. In this article, we are going to give you some details about the accident.

Cranbourne Motorbike Accident

According to the reports, a motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after he was sent cartwheeling through the air after colliding with a car at a busy intersection. The accident was captured on a dashcam. In horrifying dashcam footage, the rider can be seen hitting the car with a sickening thud and flying across a busy intersection in Cranbourne, southeast Melbourne. Just moments before the collision cars enter the intersection with many honking their horns because the motorbike approaches repeatedly.

With a loud bang, the motorcyclist rams into a silver 4WD, causing the rider and one of his shoes to fall into the sky. In the slow-paced version of the accident, the man was seen completing a perfect acrobatic as both his arms flapped helplessly over his head. The effect of the crash also sends the 4WD sideways as bits of debris fill the air. The owner of the dashcam stated that the motorcyclist survived the violent collision with the video showing he was wearing a helmet at the time.

As soon as the video broke on the internet, the netizens were quickly rushed to express their thoughts on the horrible collision. One man wrote, “That man should buy a lotto ticket holy sh**. Incredibly lucky to survive.” The other one said, “Shoe clean off, flying through the air.” Everyone is grateful that everything is fine, that no one gets hurt. There is no more information has come yet regarding the accident. If we will get more information about the accident, we will definitely inform you till then stay tuned with us for more updates.