DEATH ROW EXECUTION MELISSA LUCIO DAUGHTER MARIAH ALVAREZ AUTOPSY PICS & VIDEO VIRAL ON TWITTER & REDDIT, SUSPECT: Extraordinary photographs of Melissa Lucio’s autopsy have surfaced as the documentary “Death by Mama” about the death row convict airs on ABC. The photographs show serious injuries to Lucio’s daughter Sophia, who died as a result of her mother’s mistreatment. Lucio was sentenced to death for Sophia’s killing, but the case has been widely condemned as unjust. Melissa Lucio is facing the death penalty for the murder of her six-year-old daughter. Her daughter’s body was discovered in a garbage bin at their residence. Lucio has often claimed that her daughter got out of the house, became lost, and was murdered by a car that passed by while she was looking for her.

Melissa Lucio Daughter Mariah Alvarez Autopsy Photos

Since its beginnings, the death penalty has elicited a range of attitudes. However, the story of Melissa Lucio, who murdered her daughter after years of torture, has sparked more debate than ever before. Death Row Stories, a documentary slated to broadcast on Netflix this Friday (May 25), sheds light on Lucio’s twisted mind and the heinous murder she committed. The autopsy photographs, which have lately appeared on the internet, demonstrate the extent of the child’s injuries. The photographs have also sparked debate about whether Lucio should be executed for her crime.

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What would you like to know about Melissa Lucio’s murder of her daughter? We have a snapshot of the autopsy right here. Melissa Josephine Lucio, a Texas death row convict, is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection for the murder of her six-year-old daughter. In an unexpected twist, her husband was found not guilty of both deaths the same year she was arrested and sentenced, after counsel argued that he was not at the scene of the murder. The wife said she killed the children to retaliate against him for cheating on her, but this is now all supposition.

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Capital penalty supporters argue that regardless of the motives for homicide, persons who kill should be held accountable for their acts and should not be able to claim they were protecting someone else. But what are your thoughts? Thoughts on this subject are always welcome! Melissa Lucio is facing the death penalty for the murder of her 6-year-old daughter. An HBO documentary series called “Hard Lives: Deadliest Women” is currently airing in an effort to explain why this happened and how it came to be. It goes into the little girl’s life before death, attempting to solve the riddle of what transpired before her death.