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Did Maurice Starr Get A Stroke? Illness And Health Update 2022

Maurice Starr is a songwriter and musician from Deland, Florida. He is 68 years old. He became well-known for writing songs for the New Kids on the Block and New Edition boy bands and producing their records.
Larry Curtis Johnson is the real name of the star. In 1980, he changed his name to Maurice Starr. He made the R&B records Flaming Starr and Spacey Lady in the same year.

He was a member of the groundbreaking electro trio The Johnson Brothers and the Jonzun Crew, which also included the Jonzun brothers Michael and Soni.

He started both New Edition and New Kids on the Block, which are two of the most popular groups to come out of New England. Their success is due to his leadership and artistic vision.

Did Maurice Starr Get A Stroke? Illness And Health Update 2022

Supposedly, Maurice Starr had a stroke, according to some reports. So, he was supposedly visited by everyone from New Kids on the Block in late 2020.

With the success of New Kids on the Block and New Edition, he set the stage for the Backstreet Boys, NYSNC, and the whole boy band/girl band trend that still rules the music business in 2021.

Starr is known for putting on the Hollywood Talent Nights shows in the Boston area.

His album “Hangin’ Tough” won two American Music Awards and was nominated for a Grammy. In addition, the album gave rise to five hits.

Maurice Starr Illness And Health Update 2022

Maurice Starr, a musician and songwriter, has had a lot of health problems in recent years. He lives in Florida as of 2022.

Starr works with a who’s who of musicians. He writes songs for and makes appearances on records by LL Cool J, Peter Wolf, Tiffany, Anita Baker, Jean Carne, Ma$e, Puff Daddy, and others.

Donnie Wahlberg, a member of NKOTB, said that it would be hard to explain this man’s impact on so many people’s lives without talking about how he helped him find success.

Maurice Starr of New Kids on the Block and New Edition is the only musician from New England who has sold, written, and produced as many songs and albums in as little as ten years.

What Happened To Maurice Starr?

The famous musician Maurice Starr is having health problems right now. Because of this, he has been in the news less or not at all lately.

Even though no one knows exactly what’s wrong, his health has been bad lately.

Maurice had a big hit on RCA Records that was played all over the country. The Boston radio station WILD-AM played the song “Bout Time I Funked You Baby” all the time.