Ethan Anderson faces a big decision after Billy is attacked in Emmerdale

Ethan Anderson (Emile John) was left in a difficult position in tonight’s Emmerdale (28th April) as he found himself taking on a controversial new work case.

Typically, this development came just as Ethan was in a good place, having been recognised for his potential in his career as a solicitor and found his relationship with new boyfriend Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) blossoming.

Ethan Anderson faces a big decision after Billy is attacked in Emmerdale

Just as he and Marcus opened up to each other about taking the next step in their relationship, Ethan was called to the police station – the downside to being on call for the evening. Meeting a man named Jordan – played by Jack Parr of Peaky Blinders fame – Ethan immediately got to work in representing his potential client.

Jordan had been arrested for assault, and while his face bared evidence of a fight, the other man was in hospital with more serious injuries. Jordan repeatedly claimed that he was merely defending himself when he lashed out, but the officer wasn’t convinced by his story, showing Jordan and Ethan a photo of the victim’s injuries.

As Ethan stared at the image, he was stunned to recognise fellow villager Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle). He declared his connection to the man, but eventually added that there was no conflict of interest as they were only acquaintances.

When the detective was satisfied that Ethan was willing to continue in his capacity as duty solicitor, he quizzed Jordan on Billy’s allegations that he had used racist language before viciously beating Billy to the ground. Jordan maintained his innocence, and Ethan remained professional in his task.

Later, he explained that it was Jordan’s right to request alternative representation – but Jordan was certain that he wanted Ethan to take the case. As Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) spotted Ethan taking a break, she updated him on Billy’s condition and told him she was inclined to believe Billy’s version of events.

At home, Billy heard the news that his attacker had been charged with racially aggravated assault.

Although clearly torn over the situation, Ethan pointed out that Billy had his own history of violence. But as he arrived back to the village to a disappointed Marcus who had hoped to continue their date, Ethan saw a bruised Billy nearby.

He was left feeling increasingly troubled, knowing he had a tough choice to make. So will Ethan continue with Jordan’s case, or pull out and try to put the tough day behind him?