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Strategy to development of apps includes planned conversation with the client. Strategies include,
An initial conversation about main research and idea – Goal definition – Competitive audit plans – User feedback about application –  Modification according to feedback – Goal review.

Once you start with an idea, one should need to plan the success. Competitive platforms you will face by developing this one. Try to acquire knowledge about the pros and cons by analyzing competitors’ apps that have the same purpose. Understand the marketplace. People’s views about the existing app and what they want new in that.

• Monetization – Go through the ways of earnings from this. Like, app purchase, subscription, prime membership, selling user data, paid features, and tools. Define the market need and market choices for particular apps. Buttercup makes a better choice according to market analysis.

• Marketing – Not only fix_error404_ but the end-user application is the prime motive of mobile application and to reach end-users Marketing plays a vital role in developing strategy. One should understand about marketing budget and market need.
• MVP (Road map) – Minimum variable product means the final overview of the fix_error404_ su and thing to been done by the application when it will be successfully operated by the user. It is basically a roadmap for the path of application use in the market.

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Wireframing of application:How the application will be composed and work? The wireframe is basically a rough idea about the construction of the fix_error404_ su. Wireframing needs proper conceptualization of the idea and critical thinking for problem-solving. It is very important to go with a wireframe before the application improvement and development process. The greater the unchangeability of the application tends to take more time to wireframe the application. One should have a proper drawing of navigation, screen, and the various tools that are being used in the application’s screen to complete the wireframe in less time.

Designing of the fix_error404_ front end proper knowledge of color-coding, keywords, and market need is important. While designing the application developer should well known about preference for colors, fonts, headlines, tools for effective calligraphy because the front end is the main screen that the user experiences from application design.

fix_error404_ design tools like, Adobe Photoshop,  Sketch, Axure, InVison, etc. Buttercup provides a dynamic user interface to an application by using these design tools promptly.
Brand integration – Design framework – Consistent language – Input/feedback – Iterations. Are the key aspects when we thinking about the interface design.