Footage of Josh Giddey with allegedly underage girl goes viral Video. Josh Giddey was called out on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Wednesday as leaked footage of him with an allegedly underage girl went viral. The X user shared leaked videos of Giddey with a girl named Liv Cook.

In one video, Giddey can be seen with his arms wrapped around her while he records a video for her brother. There’s also a picture, seemingly from Snapchat, where Giddey has wrapped his arms around her neck.

The original posts were made by a private Instagram account called ‘OC Beers.’

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Footage of Josh Giddey with allegedly underage girl goes viral Video

Here is the screenshot of the leaked footage and picture of Giddey with the alleged minor girl:

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In the third video, Giddey was heard calling Cook ‘his girl.’

“Me and my girl, we’re about to head back to mine.”

The tweets have now been taken down. But the screenshot of the post has been uploaded above.
Josh Giddey’s alleged picture with underage minor girl from Snapchat goes viral
The allegations against Giddey picked up momentum after another photo from Snapchat emerged with him and the allegedly underage minor on X. In the picture, he’s seen posing next to the girl with an NSFW caption.

Giddey has, meanwhile, blacked out his Instagram display picture. He also blocked the comments section after fans tried to call him out on his profile. The profile of the alleged minor girl, Liv Cook has also been discovered by some fans, who posted gifs’ of Giddey in the comments section.

The OKC Thunder guard, 21, is in his third NBA season and a key member of the team. He could be in deep trouble if the allegations are true. However, the minor’s age is yet to be confirmed by the ‘X’ user, who has promised to release more details soon about the controversy.