Funky Town Gore video is deemed one of the absolute brutal videos given its horrifying content. It is a cartel execution video.

The release of this video, which includes horrible torment and abuses, has been gaining attention over the past few years.

In the article below, we have summarized the findings from the web about the Funky Town torture video and what happened to the murderers.

Funky Town Cartel Gore Video Explained

Funky Town Cartel Gore video is a shocking 2 mins. And 50 secs. Video, which was uploaded sometime around 2017. This gore video was filmed by either a Mexican street gang or a Mexican drug cartel, as per Screamer.

The above-mentioned site also wrote why this torture video is named FunkyTown. And the reason is most likely because the song Funky Town, which Lipps, Inc. sings, plays in the background at the end.

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The video consists of an unknown man being tortured terribly and a group cartel of Funky town. There, the man is seen lying on the ground with his arms and legs tied and, his hands chopped off, his face skinned and cut off.

That’s not all; the inhumane behaviour continued as his eyes were gouged out while he lays in a pool of blood, screaming in pain of torture. To torture him further, those Funky town cartels also drugged the man in advance to keep him alive longer so that the murderer could keep on tormenting him.

The man, who barely resembles a person, manages to get his arms untied and tries to reach for his face. Keep in mind that the man has no face, no eyes, and no hands.

As per the online video explanation, one of the murderers even slit the man’s throat with a knife and box cutter, ready to behead him as per Quora. The end and final results have not been captured, so the answer to did that man made it alive or not or how his end outcome has remained questionable and unexplored.

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3 Men 1 Hammer On Reddit

A video about three guys who kill a random guy with a hammer and screwdriver in Ukraine. Following this incident, some users have noted that there is no mercy in Mexico.

Dami and desiree Leaked video

As found on Reddit, the video starts off with the unidentifiable man’s face covered in blood. One of the maniacs beats him with a harmful object, probably a hammer. Afterwards, the three people spent a lot of time cutting various parts of the man with a knife, mainly on his face and body.

Since the video was blurred, the Reddit user was confused and could not fully and provide details about what objects were used.

It is also noted that the three perpetrators switched to a screwdriver, or maybe a knife, and stabbed the man in his stomach several times. This goes on for a couple of minutes.

Later, they switched to a hammer and beat him in the face with that hard and solid object. And in the last part of the video, that man was stabbed in the eyesocket with a screwdriver.

It is also reportedly found that the perpetrators were caught and sentenced. The two culprits got punished with lifetime imprisonment, whereas one got the punishment of serving in jail for only nine years.