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Davide Garufi Davide Garufi Twitter

Davide Garufi is a tiktoker who was born in 2004, whilst Vinzia is a creator who is slowly getting traction.

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What binds the two together? A connection, or more specifically, a former relationship. The pair split up after barely a week.

To get to the core of the narrative, we need to first figure out how they met and then figure out why they broke up. Vinzia would have written to Davide around ten days ago, based on what TikTok revealed.

They each have a lot to say. The correspondence was so good that they got engaged three days later. Unfortunately, the romance terminated after a week. This choice was made by the creator.

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Video Davide Garufi Davide Garufi Twitter

The premise is that two lads have never met in person, therefore their tale begins and finishes over the internet.


Vinzia and Davide Gafuri were staying with Giuliana De Palma and Boccia the day before when they began squabbling.

He interrupted for two minutes because he was frightened, then returned. Vinzia accuses her of gossiping about him all day and pressuring her to have a body image (“Because you wouldn’t like it if I was big”).

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He then said that he didn’t understand it (“It’s not natural to be unable to discuss some topics in a relationship”).

Vinzia leaves Davide in the middle of the reciprocal charges (“You should go to psychiatry” and “You’re insane”), and Davide responds.

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