Artist and web identity personality identity Gabbie Hanna is trending online and raising concern after posting handfuls of TikTok recordings in fair 24 hours, numerous of which incorporate disputable points.

Gabbie Hanna posts over 100 concerning TikToks in one day Goes Viral On Internet

Gabbie Hanna posts over 100 concerning TikToks in one day Goes Viral On Internet

Numerous of the recordings, at slightest 100 of them within the past day, concern religion and race.

Most have been seen hundreds of thousands of times as watchers take after what they have named a “psychotic break.”

As Hanna made more recordings, the see tally went up, with a few of them having been observed more than 1 million times; her most later video at the time of distribution has hit more than 6 million sees.

The 31-year-old to begin with rose to web fame in 2013 through the now-defunct social media app Vine.

Since that point, she’s amassed millions of supporters over Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Hanna has made features sometime recently for getting included in web fights and for distributing a highly-controversial verse book in 2017.

Her later string of TikTok recordings has progressively stressed watchers as they are persuaded they’re seeing a “mania episode.”

Hanna has been open approximately being analyzed with an identity clutter sometime recently, but within the later recordings, claims to have “beat them” as she talks almost religion, logic, and race.

At one point, she claims to have “teleported to heaven” that she may spare “your souls.” In another video, she says if individuals accept she “could be the moment coming of Jesus Christ” they ought to share her recordings with others to “share the great news.”

At one point, Hanna tells her devotees that the police appeared up at her house after her neighbours asked for a wellness check.

Agreeing with Hanna, the police cleared out her a card that studied, “did not meet the criteria for a hold.”

Other recordings, in which Hanna makes various hostile comments around Dark individuals, babies, Innate individuals, and the transgender community, have moreover raised concern.

Some comments in early recordings talked of reviving her bolster for the most recent video, but others communicated their concern, driving to a bigger dialogue of how somebody can both be compassionate toward Hanna and condemn her comments.

“Somebody fair broke into my house, it would be ideal if you if it’s not too much trouble fair implore for me fairly in case,” she wrote.

At the time of distribution, Hanna has not posted another TikTok, and numerous watchers are cleared out pondering whether this can be a “PR stunt” or if Hanna is undoubtedly having a mental well-being crisis.

“I am so pushed. If this turns out to be a PR stunt I will never excuse this,” a beat comment on her most recent video peruses.