Georgia Harrison Pregnant: Actress Announced pregnancy on Instagram: Love Island’s stars Georgia Harrison and Joshua Ritchie have been in the headlines since they have fooled their fans with a pregnancy announcement on social media platforms. Yes, you read it right that the pair have fooled the fans about their pregnancy. Ever since the couple has become a hot topic of discussion on the internet. Georgia and Joshua are some of the famous and fan-favorite contestants. The two have gained huge fame through the show and made a huge fan base. Several people have been searching to know the whole scenario of their pregnancy news. Here, we are going to give you all the details about the couple and their pregnancy so stays tuned.

Georgia Harrison Pregnant: Actress Announced pregnancy on Instagram

Georgia Harrison Pregnant

As per the sources, Georgia Harrison and Joshua Ritchie fooled fans with a pregnancy announcement on Instagram on 03 March. Many of their fans believed the news after they posted a snap of themselves together posing at a red carpet event together, while Georgia was captured placing his one hand over her stomach protectively. The couple captioned their post, “Can’t believe we have managed to keep it a secret for this long at least the cat is out the bag. To new begins.”


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Georgia who rose to prominence in 2017, further wrote in the second comment, “obviously we’re hoping it has my brains, both our sense of humor and 80 percent my looks after editing.” After their post, congratulatory messages started pouring together by their fans. Their friends and fans are sending warm wishes to the couple. His fans are really happy for them and wish them luck to start parenthood. A fan wrote, “This can’t be real.”

Among all of them, there were some people who realized it was just a prank after seeing Georgia boozing on her holiday in her Instagram stories. Later, she confirmed that she was just kidding, revealing in her story, she wrote that obviously, she is not pregnant and they were joking as for some reason she was holding her hand on her belly. Before entering Love Island, Georgia was shortly on Towie with her best mate Fran Parman.

Once, she revealed that she got dropped from the show as she used to be in an intoxicated condition due to which they had to cut many scenes as they didn’t understand her. After appearing in Love Island, Georgia has become one of the most popular and well-known reality stars. Stay tuned with us for more updates.