Big Brother (BB) Canada 10 Spoilers: Who won HoH? (Day 6): The 10th season of the famous reality show “Big Brother Canada” is creating hype amongst the viewers. The show is constantly in the limelight and onlookers are keen to know each and every single update of the show. Presently the fans are looking to know who is the new Head of Household within the Big Brother Canada house? The feeds are finally on the web! With that, we are beginning to have a good sense of what the season is going to look like moving forward.

Big Brother (BB) Canada 10 Spoilers: Who won HoH? (Day 6)

Big Brother (BB) Canada 10 Spoilers

The first order of business here, however, is getting the abovementioned question out of the way: Marty has triumphed HoH! He has got the power for the week and odds are, this will be an enjoyable next few days. He is one of the older guys and on paper, he is not going to be in the most stable spot. It feels already like some of the energetic brothers are working together to some extent, while individuals like Stephanie and Jacey-Lynne may be included in here somewhat.

Marty and Stephanie were the final two left in the game and it sounds like she took a deal that make sure that her safety for the time being. As HoH, Marty has the capacity to collect the information and make good decisions he just can not let himself be snowed over here since moving forward, everyone is going to make him that they are friends with him. It is a little too early to know what is going to occur with the next nominations but for those who do not know but Gino and Marty are French speakers and had no issue chatting it up after the game. (Don’t forget English and French are both official languages in the country Canada, we are surprised we have not watched more of this over time.)

Finally, we do think we are already up for at least an interesting season moving forward; a lot of it will come down to who is their play hold, and who is there to hang out with their new pals. Some will surely get naturally left in the dust. That’s all for today we will be soon back with the next spoiler of the show till then stay tuned with us and wait for the next update and enjoy the show and do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.