Come Dance With Me Judges: These days many reality shows are giving opportunities to the common man to show their talent to a larger audience. There are numerous dancing competition shows out there now, it is easy to think that there could never be anything new. But the world of small screens knows no bounds. Executive produced by NCIS: Los Angeles stars LL Cool J, and Chris O’ Donnell the new CBS show “Come Dance With Me” is getting individuals on their feet. In this dancing show, young trained dancers ages 9 to 15 are paired up with untrained parents or another adult who is close to them.

Come Dance With Me Judges

They team up in order to fight it out against 11 other sets of participants so they can win a $100,000 cash prize. If you are keen to know more about Come Dance With Me host and judges then keep on reading this blog in order to get more information on this.

Get to Know the Judges and Host

Jenna Dewan Is One Of The Judges On “Come Dance With Me”

Dancer and actress Jenna Dewan have been in the entertainment industry for years. she has been a backup dancer for singers like P!nk and Janet Jackson. She has come up in The Rookie, Step Up, and Superman & Lois. In a recent interview with the media outlet, she stated that she can connect to the children on the show. Jenna stated, “I was at first taken with the concept of the show.

Come Dance With Me Judges Come Dance With Me Judges3

I loved the idea of taking young trained dancers and asking them to ask one of their non-trained parents to dance with them. I was quite similar to a lot of these children, I was dancing nonstop, and it was my life.” Jeena further added that she was a “diehard” dancer as a child.  But now that she is a mother herself, she can understand what it is like for both the parents and the kids engaged.

Come Dance With Me Judges Come Dance With Me Judges2

Another Judge Is Dexter Mayfield On “Come Dance With Me”

Model, actor, and dancer Dexter Mayfield has served with some big names including Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Sara Bareilles. As per his IMDb, he was danced in a number of music videos including “You Need to Calm Down” by Taylor Swift and “Yet Another Dig” by Bob the Drag Queen.

Come Dance With Me Judges Come Dance With Me Judges2

Tricia Miranda Is The Third Judge Of The Show

Choreographer Tricia Miranda wears her love for dancing all over her IG. As per Broadway Dancer Center, she has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, and Jamie Foxx.

Talking to the host of the show, “Come Dance With Me”  is hosted by the Grammy-winning songwriter Philip Lawrence.