haleigh dawn knife video

haleigh dawn knife viral video Twitter – haleigh dawn knife video reddit

Unbelievably lucky that she didn’t lose an eye”: Haleigh Dawn knife video goes viral as girl cuts eyebrow on TikTok in shocking footage. A TikTok video of a girl named Haleigh Dawn has been making the rounds on social media.

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haleigh dawn knife video reddit

In the video, Dawn can be seen accidentally cutting her face with a knife after attempting a viral but dangerous challenge. The video showed Haleigh doing the ‘Chop Chop Slide’ challenge. In the challenge, TikTokers pretend to be murderers while the tune of the Insane Clown Posse’s song Chop Chop Slide plays in the background.

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Haleigh dawn knife video leaked

The video of her attempt did not go as planned when she injured herself. As she attempted the challenge, Dawn cut her eyebrow and a part of her forehead.

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Netizens who saw the video were concerned about the young TikToker, even as some were relieved that Dawn didn’t stab and lose one of her eyes. One TikToker commented that she was “unbelievably lucky that she didn’t lose an eye.”