Harsh Beniwal New Video: Harsh Beniwal is a well-known YouTuber who specializes in comedic videos. As of now, he has almost 13 million subscribers on his YouTube account. The popularity of his video among followers has reached new heights. His latest video has piqued the interest of his fans. He recently published the video “Cricket with Parivaar.” Here is the full update about the Cricket with Parivaar cast, story, and more.

Cricket with Parivaar Story:

The arch-rivals Kadambari and Rajendar again set a new rivalry when they make a bet for a piece of land. The bet is all about the cricket match gets to keep the land, so board this rib-tickling ride and watch these two eccentric families battle it out to provide you with the perfect dose of laughter.

Cricket with Parivaar Cast:

In the latest video, we will see some of the known faces of the Harsh Beniwal channel. Check out the list below:

Harsh Beniwal, Mohit Chhikara, Purav Jha, Shivam Bajpai, Hinisha , Gagan , Pratishtha Sharma, Gaurav Arora , Meghana , Vishal Sharma , Anmol, Akriti, Aniket, Shiva, Vishal, Ujjwal

Cricket with Parivaar Full Details:

  • Director: Harsh Beniwal
  • Written by: Shivam Bajpai, Harsh Beniwal, Purav Jha
  • 1 Assistant Director : Akriti Bajpai
  • 2 Assistant Director: Anmol Prasher
  • 1st Unit DOP: Nitin Goyal Cam
  • 2nd Unit DOP: Nikhil Rajvashi
  • 1st Unit Associate DOP: Raju
  • 2nd Unit Associate DOP: Lovey
  • Edited by: Anmol Prasher, Harsh Beniwal
  • Background Score: Harsh Beniwal
  • Color grading: Anmol
  • Executive Producer: Mohit Chhikara
  • Thumbnail: Vishal Rana (Pheonix)
  • Makeup By: Viren
  • Sound by: Parvesh
  • VFX: VfxGuy Aman
  • Graphics by: shrinay

Harsh Beniwal New Video

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