Hi Kayla Twitter Video | Hi Kayla Video Leaked
Hi Kayla Twitter Video

Hi Kayla Twitter Video | Hi Kayla Video Leaked

Kayla Nicole TV Looking Up and Down refers to a viral video of Kayla Nicole Jones or Nicole TV looking down at someone’s phone and then looking up into the camera smiling.

The video which was released in September 2019 on Instagram was shortened and posted on Twitter adopting various captions relating to her specifically contented reaction.

On September 17th, 2019, deshaefrost uploaded a video with the caption “When she don’t look like what she looks like on Instagram” (shown below).

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The video features Nicole TV or Kayla Nicole Jones looking down out the man deshaefrost scrolling through her Instagram photos and then looking up and smiling.

The video gained over 660,300 likes in five days. Goodness, the hits keep coming for Jake Atlas, the former NXT/WWE superstar who had a cup of coffee with AEW before he suffered a knee injury and was put on the shelf indefinitely.

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