How did Omar Laing die and what was his cause of death? Staths & Cavalier Striker Shot Dead Death Video Explained: The passing news of footballer Omar Laing is presently the hot topic of discussion amongst people. The sudden death news of a footballer made everyone stunned and the most shocking thing was that he is not passed away due to natural causes in fact he was killed by someone. Ever since his fans got to know that someone killed their beloved personality they are looking forward to knowing each and every single detail of this murder mystery. The entire shooting case has been captured in the CCTV footage which is presently circulating on the web.

How did Omar Laing die?

A teen recognized as a famous football player was shot and assassinated by gunmen in downtown Kingston on Friday. The dead person has been recognized as 18-year-old Omar Laing, an ex-schoolboy football player at St Andrew Technical High. Reports are stating that Laing, who was one of the top goalscorers in the Manning Cup last year and a national under-19 representative, was standing at the intersection of Charles and Orange streets when he was a gunshot.

After shooting him, his attackers then run away from the area. The sufferer was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. A relative informed Loop News that Laing was assassinated on his birthday.

Omar Laing Death Video Explained

As per the reports, the cops are reviewing CCTV footage viewing men who they believed chased and shot dead national under-19 representative and ex-schoolboy footballer, Omar Laing, on Friday. The 30-second video views men exiting a grey motor car and then pursuing the 18-year-old Laing to the corner of Charles and Orange streets. His assailants then came back to the waiting car and fleed from the scene.

Cops sources stated that they are reviewing the video to find out its authenticity and identify the attackers.

Omar Laing Death Cause

The date 22nd April will always be etched into the minds and memories of the family and friends of Omar Laing. At the beginning of the 24-hour period, relatives of the young man were buzzing with excitement, all keen to celebrate. After all, it was his born day. A period that signified the time, that the promising young man, who they all held so dear, had entered the planet. Just hours prior to the party, to mark the special day, sounds of heavy gunshots echoed through the air at the intersection of Charles and Orange street.

Cops report that the footballer was walking to buy food when he was shot down execution-style by thugs traveling in a car.